Bite it, you scum.

Heather Heartless xx
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LiveJournal is so 2000, but I still write in mine... sadly.

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This journal's friends only for the most part,
just add me and I'll add you back
(if you aren't a fucking waste of space)

when the devil wants to dance with you,
you better say never
because a dance with the devil
might last you forever.

Like Rod Stewart says, the first cut is the deepest.

I'm Heather Heartless. As my name would indicate, I'm kind of a bitch. I like talking in my sleep (which is when I tell the secrets that I keep); wearing my sunglasses at night, subsisting off a diet made up almost entirely of Ramen and Doritos, and I really like people with big hair who wear at least one item of cloting that is leopard print. I also enjoy wearing sleazy looking makeup and being a parasite on society. If you think we have something in common, I suggest you add me. It'll be a wild ride.Image hosting by Photobucket